About WTP

Stir the tea and discover your good fortune in a tea leaf
Remuez le thé et découvrez votre fortune dans une feuille

Welcome. WORLD TEA PARTY is a continually evolving fête éternelle developing through dialogue among people and cultures around the world.

First manifested in 1993 as a collaboration by Daniel Dion, Bryan Mulvihill & Su Schnee, World Tea Party has since evolved in a myriad of activities that range from the simple gathering of few people sharing a brief moment in time, to months long extravaganzas including exhibitions, concerts, conferences, poetry readings and multicultural events involving dozens of organizations, hundreds of artists,thousands works of art and infinite cups of tea…

You are welcome to visit the archives, view photographs,video and audio clips, read reviews of past manifestations, brouse through the World Tea Party catalogue, participate in live discussions in the World Tea Party Palace chat rooms, purchase fine teas and works of art, or link up to other tea friendly sites.

The website’s operations are courtesy of Grant Gregson.

Please visit our original World Tea Party website at http://www.worldteaparty.com/original-website

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